Traffic Police

2681 Replacing a driving license

Replacement occurs upon acquiring a new category, restoration of driving license due to withdrawal of all control points, expiry of validity of previous license, change in driver’s data
Based on:
Bulgarian Personal Documents Act - Art. 51
Road Traffic Act – Art. 159, Para 1. Item 1
Ordinance No I-157/01.10.2002 on Conditions and Order of Driving License Issuance, Reports on Drivers and their Discipline – Art. 14; Art. 15
Authority providing the administrative service:
Traffic Police Units with the Sofia Metropolitan Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and the Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Interior – in specific cases
Deadline for providing the service:
Standard service – up to 30 days, express service – up to 10 days
Validity of the document / individual administrative act:
10 years; 5 years (for categories C, D E, T); up to 5 years - for medical reasons
Control authority for the activity of the authority providing the service:
Director of Regional Directorate of MoI in which the respective Traffic Police unit is situated
Authority of appeal of an individual administrative act:
Director of Regional directorate of MoI in which the respective Traffic Police unit is situated
Terms and conditions:
The driver must normally reside in the Republic of Bulgaria
The driver must not hold another valid driving license issued by an EU Member State
The driver must be physically fit to drive
The driver must have successfully passed a driving test - for acquiring a new category and restoring his license after losing all control points
The service can be requested (standard service, with a deadline of 30 days) also in a Local Police Station of MoI, but only in the cases of expired validity of the driving license.
No driving license is issued until payment is made in full of all fines due under the Road Traffic Act.

Requirements, procedures, instructions
I. Submitting an application
The application is generated by an information system of the Ministry of Interior. Data is auto-filled. The applicant only checks the data and verifies it by their signature. The applicant does not have to fill in an application in advance.
The application shall be accompanied by:
- Valid ID card or valid passport
- Physical fitness assessment card of the driver/ candidate for driving license, issued by a general practitioner, by the regional transport medical expert commissions, or by the Transport central medical expert commission.
Declaration that his residence is not in another EU Member State and that he does not hold a valid driving license issued by another EU Member State. The declaration may be completed in advance by the applicant, but it is signed in the presence of a Traffic Police official upon submission! If the application is submitted by an authorized representative, the declaration must be signed by the citizen to whom the driving license will be issued, and this signature must be certified by a notary.
When applying for a change of permanent address from one administrative area to another (e.g. from Varna to Sofia) – an application for change of the place of repost of the driver. The application is provided by a Traffic Police official and is filled in on the spot.
When the replacement of the license is requested due to the acquisition of a new driver’s category, restoration of driving license after removal of the control points, or for additional registration of a code for restrictive conditions for use of the license, the following additional documents are submitted:
- copy of a document for completed at least first level of secondary education, and if the education is completed in a foreign country - a certificate under Art. 110, Para. 2 of Ordinance No. 11 of September 1, 2016, for assessment of students’ learning results. Persons who have completed primary education or X grade before September 26, 2017 under the repealed National Education Act, shall present a copy of a document certifying completion of at least primary education instead of a copy of a document for at least the first level of secondary education.
- copy of a certificate of psychological fitness - for the issuance of a driving license of categories C1, C, D1, D and Ttm.
- physical fitness assessment card of a driver / diving license candidate for categories C1, C, D1, D and Ttm, with compulsory examinations by doctors with the corresponding medical specialty for establishing the state of the visual system, hearing system, nervous system, internal organs, surgical and orthopedic-traumatic status
- certificate for professional competence and / or qualifications card of the driver for transportation of cargo/passengers/trolleybus – when the applicant has not reached the required age for acquiring this category
The applicant must present the original documents for verification of the copies attached to the application.
II. Verification of the submitted documents
Upon submission, a Traffic Police officer verifies the documents and instructs the applicant in case of missing or incorrect documents.
III. Verification of the substance of the documents
Within the specified deadline, a Traffic Police official carries out an in-depth examination of the submitted documents, including the protocols of the driving tests (received in Traffic Police ex officio), the document for completed education, etc.
IV. Receipt of driving license
The applicant receives his driving license from the respective Traffic Police unit where he has filed the application, and within the timeframe for which he has paid the relevant state fee.
The applicant can check if his license is ready on the MoI website.
Upon receiving the new driving license and control coupon the applicant must return the old driving license.
Declaration of normal residence in the Republic of Bulgaria (for issuing a driving license)

Application for issuance of an identity document (sample is only for information! The application is filled in and printed at the desk)

Regulatory framework

Statutes for issuance of Bulgarian personal documents
Ordinance I-157/01.10.2002 on the Conditions and Order of Driving License Issuance, Reports on Drivers and their Discipline
The service is charged
For replacement of a driving license, the following fees are collected:
1. for a driving license of a person up to the age of 58 - BGN 25;
2. for a driving license of a person from 58 to 70 years of age - BGN 11;
3. for a driving license of a person with permanently reduced working capacity or type and degree of disability 50 % and above - BGN 3.
Persons over 70 years of age are exempt from payment for issuance of a driving license.
Double fee for express services is charged.
Upon replacement of a driving license, a fee of BGN 2 is collected for the control coupon, which is part of the driving license.
The service can be paid in one of the following ways:
At the desk at an administrative service unit by a bank card;
By a bank transfer

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