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German Students from Higher Police Schools

The National Police General Directorate was visited by German students from the Rhineland-Palatinate and Brandenburg Higher Police Schools. Their visit is one of the activities under the Cooperation Program between the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Interior and Sports of the German Federal Province of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2019.  Students from the Higher Police School in Brandenburg were also part of the delegation. Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva, Deputy-Director of the National Police General Directorate accepted the students. She welcomed them and presented the structure, the main tasks, responsibilities and activities of the National Police General Directorate. Commissioner Zvezdelin Kolev, head of the Public Order Police Department, Ms. Diana Todorova, head of the International Cooperation and International Projects Sector and Chief Expert Tsetska Zheliazkova from the International Cooperation and International Projects Sector took part in the meeting as well.

Chief Expert Tsetska Zheliazkova made a presentation about the main tasks and functions of the National Police General Directorate in the structure of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The students visited the Operational Duty Center within the National Police General Directorate. The head of the Sector, Ognyan Ganchev, presented the activities of the operational duty activities of Sector.


07 Jun 2019

Photo Exhibition in the National Assembly, Showing Life Stories of Participants in Projects, Implemented with the Support of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Program

Life stories of participants in projects, implemented with the support of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation programs are exhibited in the National Assembly. The photo exhibition is entitled “People for people”. The author of the exhibition, which was opened today in the National Assembly, is the photographer Ivo Danchev.

The Deputy-Chairman of the Bulgarian-Swiss Friendship Group, Mr. Spas Garnevski, opened the exhibition and underlined, that the bilateral Bulgarian-Swiss partnership has an almost centuries-old history. The Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation program, which has been implemented for nearly 10 years, gives new dimensions to this partnership. This is a new type of investment – it cannot be measured and is not material. This is unusual for us when we are speaking about donor programs. Here we are talking about changed human lives, family destinies and development of whole communities, said Mr. Spas Garnevski.

The Swiss Ambassador Muriel Berset Cohen, pointed out at the opening of the exhibition, that this exhibition has a deep meaning for us. It is an expression of our common conviction, that the Bulgarian and the Swiss people have a common future.We face common challenges; together we can overcome them and be stronger. Many joint projects have been implemented under the program, hundreds of people have beеn supported, we managed „to touch“ hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians, not only in Sofia, but also in many other places in the country and we helped them to implement their ideas, specified Ambassador Muriel Berset Cohen. The value of the program is 72 million euros. The aim is Switzerland to contribute the enlargement of the EU and to assist the new member-countries, noted the Ambassador.

The National Police General Directorate has also implemented projects under the program. One of the projects concerns strengthening of child protection and juvenile delinquency prevention, the other project concerns the establishment of real time identification of vehicle register plates.  The Deputy-Director of the National Police General Directorate, Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva, held talks with the Swiss Ambassador Muriel Berset,, Cohen and discussed the possibilities for further participation of the National Police General Directorate with projects in the next program period.

08 May 2019

Police Cars, Equipped with Special Equipment shall Detect Stolen Vehicles

Closing event under the project, co-funded by the Swiss government, concerning counteraction to illicit trafficking in vehicles

Police cars, equipped with special equipment for identification and real-time check shall improve the capability of Bulgarian police to counter trafficking in stolen vehicles. The efforts of the National Police General Directorate were supported by Swiss funding. The Deputy-Director of the National Police General Directorate, Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva, the Head of the Traffic Police Department, Commissioner Rossen Rapchev and the head of the Crime against Property Sector, within the Criminal Police Department , Chief Inspector Zhivko Kosturkov, presented the results of the six-years project, entitled “Counteraction to crime connected with trafficking in vehicles”. 

Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva expressed gratitude to the Swiss government and the Swiss colleagues for the constructive partnership and funding. She pointed out that the carried out activities support police structures in more effective countering of this type of crime. The achieved results are due to the complex activities of all project partners. The improved coordination and counteraction between competent bodies, the active operative police cooperation, participation in international police operations and best practice exchange are very valuable for us, summarized Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva.

A system for automated recognition of vehicle registration plates has been established under the project. 23 police cars have been equipped with identification scanners, allowing real time checks of police data base. 80 police officers have been trained in the newest technics of stolen vehicle detection, they got acquainted with Swiss experience in the police departments of Neuchatel and Geneva and the operation of the Schengen Information System. The total value of the project is 800 000 Swiss Francs, of which 85% are Swiss co-funding. The project is implemented under the Security Fund of the Swiss-Bulgarian cooperation program. The main partner of the National Police General Directorate in the project is the police department of Neuchatel.

The Director of the Swiss Intermediate Body Mr. Victor Prestel, the Director of special projects of SOITRON-MOSY Mr. Jan Tero, the Deputy-Director of the Counter Organized Crime General Directorate Mr. Stefan Djolev and the Director of the Vehicle Administration Executive Agency Mr. Boiko Ranovski were guests at the closing event.

20 Dec 2018

The Child Police Station Project of the National Police General Directorate was Presented at a Forum in Vienna

The Deputy Director of the National Police General Directorate, Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva, presented to the delegates to the international conference “Best Practice in Community Policing” the Child Police Station Project of the National Police General Directorate. The forum took place in Vienna from December 4th till December 6th.  The project started in 2016. It is entirely aimed at children, at their civil education. Children get familiar with the activities of the police and acquire practical skills in self-defense, pre-medical first aid to victims and road safety rules.

202 Child Police Stations have been established during the first stage of the implementation and 4500 children from all over the country participated. The project won the hearts of all our colleagues, though it was not among the first in the European Prevention Prize Contest of the European Crime Prevention Network. This project is a bright example of the effectiveness in applying the Community Policing Method among juveniles, commented Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva.

18 projects have been presented as an example of best practice of community policing at the international conference.

The Child Police Station Project is implemented also during this school year. During the first two years of the project 8000 persons (teachers, parents and children) have been interviewed. 94% stated that the project has to continue. 82% of the interviewed have noticed a positive change in the behavior of children, 86% of the teachers stated the same.

For 2017, there is an almost 11% reduction in the number of crimes against children, in comparison to 2015 before the start of the program. An almost 9% reduction in juvenile delinquency is reported.


18 Dec 2018

More than 300 historical exhibits, saved by the Ministry of Interior, are exhibited in the National Archeological Institute

More than 300 exhibits, saved for the country during different operations of the Ministry of Interior, are exhibited in the National Archeological Institute, which is part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The title of the exhibition is “The saved treasures of Bulgaria”. It is part of the European Year of cultural heritage. The opening coincides with the week, in which the Bulgarian Police celebrates its professional holiday – November 8th.

„The saved treasures of Bulgaria” is a result of the tireless efforts of officers from the National Police General Directorate, the General Directorate for Countering Organized Crime, the Border Police General Directorate, the Regional Directorates of Interior in the country and the museums to protect the Bulgarian Cultural heritage.

The exhibits, which are more than 300 pieces illustrate all periods of the millennial history on today’s territory of Bulgaria. The cultural and historical treasures have been saved from illegal export, illicit trade or serious damage and are preserved for the national memory. Among them stands out the largest ever known finding of copper axes from the second half of the 5th Millenium B.C., a Corinthian helmet from the end of 6th century B.C., a collective finding of ornaments and bronze objects from the middle of the 2nd Millenium B.C. and icons from the School of Tryavna. From 120 till 140 pre-trial proceedings on illegal archeological activities are held each year in Bulgaria, said Chief Inspector Angel Papalezov, head of Cultural & Historical Heritage Crime Sector in the National Police General Directorate. According to him, a lot has been achiеved concerning the legal framework. Now the society has to change its thinking to resist raids of treasure hunters, which enter archeological sites and destroy them, sell our historical past. There is a loss of possibilities to protect national treasure, to fill history gaps in the region and to develop local policies concerning cultural tourism.

People have to realize that the cultural & historical heritage belongs not only to museums, it belongs to the people. When we allow it to leave the country we lose our national identity, mentioned Chief Inspector Emil Alexandrov from the General Directorate for Countering Organized Crime.

07 Nov 2018

Interior Minister Marinov: Road safety is every person's right and responsibility

"Working Together to Make Our Roads Safer – Enhanced Road Safety Governance and Good Practices" was the subject of a conference co-organised by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and the European Road Safety Charter (ERSC). The event, held on 2 October 2018 under the auspices of the recent Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, gathered in Sofia representatives of all national stakeholders having responsibilities to road safety in Bulgaria (state institutions, private sector and NGOs) with representatives of the European Commission, ERSC and leading experts from EU Member States.

The responsible Bulgarian Ministries and the European Commission’s representatives shared their strategic visions on the development of the road safety policies in the period 2020-2030, as well as specific recommendations, which should be taken into consideration in drafting the Bulgarian national strategy on road safety for that period.

‘Road safety is every person's right and responsibility; state institutions cannot reduce road traffic deaths and accidents if they act alone. Therefore, the civil society, professional groups, non-governmental sector, and academia participation in the joint efforts is of key importance,’ Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov said at the opening of the thematic conference.

His words were supported by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Rossen Jeliazkov, the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Malina Krumova, and the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Tanya Mihaylova: ‘The complex, systematic approach and the coordination between state institutions as well as with the public sector represent significant factors for achieving the goal for safer roads. Each saved life is the most important indicator of the relevance of the common efforts.’

‘Road safety is a moral challenge for all of us,’ said Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General of DG MOVE, who is appointed for EC’s High Level Coordinator for Road Safety as of 2 October 2018. He shared the view of the Bulgarian government representatives about an integrated approach to road safety management and presented the idea of an EU safe system, consisting of road safety management, safer infrastructure, safer vehicles, safer road users and post crash care.

The head of the team of the European Road Safety Charter and President of the Board of Directors of the Panos Milonas Road Safety Institute, Vasiliki Daneli-Milona, also voiced support for Bulgaria's efforts in the area: We go ahead learning from good practices together, because they are success indicators.

Experts from Austria, Finland and Hungary presented their national experience in forming road safety policies, the use of efficient evaluation tools and the implementation of specific practices for reducing the number of traffic offences.

Good practices at national level in Bulgaria were also presented – initiatives of the Road Infrastructure Agency, the Bulgarian Red Cross Organisation, Sofia Municipality, The Union of Bulgarian Drivers and Shell Bulgaria.

A common agreement was reached that integrated approach to road safety and shared responsibility at all levels are crucial in achieving the common goals to reduce the number of road deaths and serious injuries and to provide highest road safety standards.

03 Oct 2018

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