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11 Mar 2020

A delegation from the National Police General Directorate participated in the closing conference on a project on gender-based violence

A delegation from the National Police General Directorate took part in the closing conference of the Organization for Co-operation and Security in Europe (OSCE) on the project "Effective Legal Strategies and Practices for Combating Gender-Based Violence in Eastern Europe". The forum took place from 6 to 7 March 2020 in the Austrian capital Vienna. The Delegation from the Ministry of the Interior included the Deputy Director of the National Police General Directorate, Senior Commissioner Blagorodna Makeva, Inspector Penka Stoyanova, National Coordinator on Domestic Violence in Bulgaria, Inspector Desislava Petrova- Loleva from the Criminal Police Department and Ms. Yoana Lyutskanova, Senior Investigator from the Shumen Regional Directorate of Interior. Ms. Emilia Kraleva, Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the UN Office, to the negotiations and forums of the OSCE and the international organizations in Vienna, Deputy Prosecutor General Ms. Desislava Pironeva, Mr. Sava Petrov from the Supreme Court of Cassation, Mr. Ivaylo Ivanov, Administrative Head of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Kyustendil, also participated from the Bulgarian side.

Gender-based violence is one of the most serious and pervasive human rights abuses, which not only affects the personal safety and security of victims, but also hinders their individual and social development. Due to a number of shortcomings in the criminal justice system and legislation, many victims are at risk of further violence.

The OSCE is therefore assisting Member States in the development of programs and activities aimed at preventing all forms of gender-based violence.

In this regard, with the financial support of the European Commission through the Program for Rights, Equality and Citizenship (2014-2020) and the governments of Germany and Austria, a similar project was implemented between 2018 and 2020 in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

The project aimed to raise public awareness, but also to improve the professional knowledge, skills and technical capacity of law-enforcement authorities to tackle violence.

In Bulgaria, within the framework of the project, trainings were organized by the National Police General Directorate. There was also a nationwide campaign aimed at preventing domestic and gender-based violence.  


Minister Marinov: Colleagues, thank you for your efforts for ensuring the safety and security of the Bulgarian citizens

The collective prize was awarded to the Fraud Unit with the National Police General Directorate

„Praiseworthy are your daily efforts in the name of society. Challenges to MoI are increasing, but the whole team has proven it can cope with them. Thank you and your families for their patience to your work for the benefit of all Bulgarian citizens”. With these words, the Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov addressed his colleagues awarded at the official ceremony “Police Officer 2019”. Today's police awards are a logical end of a dynamic year filled with many tasks that are always associated with high expectations to the Interior Ministry. The awards received the best, but behind their results stand the efforts of many colleagues, said the interior minister. He outlined the priority lines of action that the award-winning police officers also work on – protection of the state border/EU external border, counteraction to conventional crime and to serious and organized crime, protection of public order.

Minister Marinov also thanked the Prosecutor's Office for the achieved cooperation, the results of which indicate the effectiveness of the joint work. In gratitude, the Interior Minister presented to the Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov with the honorary MoI award "Valor and Merit". The Minister also used the opportunity to thank the Trust and Protection Foundation, co-founder of the award Police Officer of the Year, which is a kind of public appreciation of the work of police officers.

The 26th edition of the Police Officer of the Year award ceremony was honored by MPs, Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, SANS Chairperson Dimitar Georgiev, former ministers and chief secretaries of MoI, police attachés.

Four individual and four collective awards were given out, as well as two incentive awards and two civic contribution awards. Some of the honorees received also awards from the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

During the ceremony, a tender was organized for children's drawings that had participated in the contest "I and the Children's Police Department". Of the 100 works exhibited, 61 were sold and the raised funds amounted to BGN 4190. The money will be credited to the account of the National Charity Campaign for supporting children of MoI officers killed and injured in performance of official duties. At the initiative of the host of the celebration – the Director of the National Police General Directorate, Chief Commissioner Hristo Terziyski, three of the winners of the children's drawing contest were also awarded.

Police Officer 2019

Individual awards

Individual Winner of the “Police Officer of the Year 2019” Award

Junior Inspector BISER CHAUSHEV - Senior Police Officer / Dog handler in the Mobile Border Police Unit of the Border Police Department - Momchilgrad, General Directorate of Border Police.

For proven high professionalism, numerous successful operative-search activities and significant contribution to preventing illegal migrants from crossing the Bulgarian state border.

1st place - Senior Inspector IVAN GERAKOV - Head of Crimes against property group in the Crime Counteraction unit, Blagoevgrad Regional MoI directorate.

For proven professionalism, purposeful and comprehensive operative-search, operative-technical and intelligence activities, resulting in detecting and documenting the criminal activity of persons involved in distribution of narcotic substances, burglaries and theft; crimes related to sales of excise goods – fuel; trafficking in human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

2nd place - Inspector GALINA VELIKOVA - Investigator in the Counteraction of Economic Crime unit, Regional MoI directorate -Silistra

High professionalism in combating crime in nationally significant cases, resulting in dismantling an organized criminal group that arranged the retirement of citizens through false documents certifying work experience and social security instalments;  another OCG that wrongfully arranged pensions for general illness from the territorial division of the National Social Security Institute Sofia-city.

3rdplace - junior inspector KOSTADIN KOEV - junior traffic police officer I grade in the Traffic Organization, Road Control and Preventive Action Group of the Traffic Police unit, Regional MoI directorate- Pazardzhik.

For professionalism in the performance of official duties to maintain public order and ensure safety of citizens.

Collective awards

Collective award “Police Officer 2019” – Fraud Unit, National Police General Directorate  

For the conducted complex of operative-search, operative-technical and procedural joint activities with officers of the groups for counteracting telephone fraud at the Regional MoI Directorates of Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse and Pleven, resulting in the detention, documentation and proving the criminal activity of individuals and groups performing telephone fraud on the territory of the country.

1st place - officers from the Counterterrorism Department with the General Directorate for Countering Organized Crime

For achieved high results in the fight against organized crime, preventing and neutralizing the activities of various organized criminal structures, involved in acquiring businesses through intimidation, arson, extortion and physical injury; trafficking, possession and storage of illegal firearms and lending money for high interest; raising or providing funds to finance terrorist organizations, and sale and purchase of illegal firearms and ammunition.

2ndplace – Mobile border police group from the Elhovo Regional Border Police directorate with the General Directorate Border Police.

For professionalism during participation in specialized police operations for establishing and detaining persons, perpetrators of serious criminal offenses on the territory of the Regional MoI directorates of Sofia and Sliven.

3rd place – Criminal Police Department with Burgas Regional MoI directorate

For proven professionalism, initiative and police skills in preserving public order, combating crime and ensuring the safety of citizens, and successful realizations with numerous detainees, perpetrators of serious crimes.

Incentive awards

- 01 Sector “Criminal Investigation” from the Investigation Department with the Metropolitan MoI Directorate

For achieved high professional results and concrete significant contribution in performing their duties, manifested professionalism in working on 480 pre-trial proceedings (180 newly created in 2019, 240 from previous years and 51 returned for collecting new evidence) for serious crimes - murder, robbery, personal injury, corruption, theft, fraud, etc.

- 01 Sector “Crimes Against Persons” from the Countering Crime Department with the Metropolitan MoI Directorate

For proven professionalism and organization of work that led to very good results in the service - 10 homicides were revealed, out of 11 committed during the year.

Civic contribution

1.      PETAR BONEV from Stara Zagora

For manifested civic behavior, risking his life on November 24, 2019, as he prevented a serious crime that endangered the life of a girl traveling on the train from Plovdiv to Varna.

2.  DAMYAN KOLEV from Dimitrovgrad

For manifested civic behavior, in his position of a dormitory security guard, he respond appropriately and professionally, helping to evacuate 22 residents from the building in flames.

17 Dec 2019

Milko Berner: Create and succeed!

The Deputy minister of interior greeted the participants in the national drawing contest “I and the Children’s Police Department"

The 13 winners of the National Drawing Contest "I and the Children's Police Department" were announced today. A total of 87 students participated with their works, and 13 of them were awarded and received their prizes at a ceremony held at the National Palace of Children. It was attended by the Deputy minsters of Interior and of Education and Science, Milko Berner and Petar Nikolov, the MoI Secretary General, Chief commissioner Ivaylo Ivanov, the Director of the National Police General Directorate, Chief commissioner Hristo Terziyski, and Vanya Kastreva, Head of the Regional Department of Education – Sofia city.

Keep dreaming and achieving your dreams. I wish you to become good people and to know that one feels satisfied when helping others. Create and succeed, with these words Deputy Minister Berner addressed the young artists.

All the works that you sent us will be exhibited and sold at the annual Police Officer of the Year ceremony, and the proceeds will be donated to the National Charity Campaign to support the children of MoI officers killed and injured in the performance of their duty, added Chief commissioner Terziyski, the symbolic host of the ceremony.

The big prizes in the competition went to Kalina Trayanova from the town of Kavarna and Vladimir Dimitrov from the village of Orizari, Plovdiv region.

The program “Children's Police Diepartment” has been implemented since 2016 by MoI officers. For the realization of the program, an agreement was concluded between four ministries - the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Education and Science, The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Justice, and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Bulgarian Tourist Union and the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

11 Dec 2019

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