RD Smolyan



On July 5, 1879, Prince Alexander Batemberg signed a Decree establishing a Ministry of Internal Affairs and appointed T.Bourmov as Minister of Interior, Minister of Enlightenment and as First President of the Council of Ministers.
   With the proclamation of the Balkan War in 1912 and the entry of the Bulgarian troops into the Rhodope settlements south of the Rojen-Tamras Line in order to bring order in these lands, the Ministry of Interior and Public Health appointed police stations In Dyavlen / Devin /, Pashmakli / Smolyan / and sent two or three guards from inside the country. At the end of 1912 and the beginning of 1913, district administrations were set up, headed by district officials. Until the middle of 1914, under the direction of the District Administration in Drama, and then in Plovdiv, district administrations in Pashmaklj / Smolyan / and Dare Dere / Zlatograd / until 1920 were at Subordination of the District Administration in Gyumyurdzhina (Komotini). In 1920 all three district administrations passed to the newly established district government in Pashmakli (Smolyan) and after 19.05.1934 to the Regional Directorate - Plovdiv. They were headed by regional governors, and from 19.05.1934. By district governors with police assistants. As authorities of the bourgeois power and government, they exercised full leadership in the overall socio-political, economic and cultural life in the districts that ensured the security of the bourgeois state, and fought its political opponents and criminal criminals. Their activity ceased on 09.09.1944.
   After 09.09.1944. Bulgaria's internal security is entrusted to the so-called national militia. In the years after September 9, 1944, militia sub-divisions were set up at the militia district offices in place of the then-functioning police units. In 1948, the regional governments of the People's Militia were transformed into operational sectors.
   On January 23, 1959, with a Decree of the Council of Ministers, the Republic of Bulgaria is divided by a new territorial and administrative principle. A district MI headquarters, headed by a head and deputy heads of state security, militia and fire guards, is formed.
   In 1990, a regional directorate of internal affairs - Smolyan was established, which includes five district police departments in Smolyan, Chepelare, Devin, Madan and Zlatograd. In 1991, according to the Ministry of Interior Act of the Regional Police Directorate of Smolyan, new bodies were established - Regional Security Offices, Police, Fire and Emergency Safety and Combating Organized Crime.
   In 2006, according to the Law on the Ministry of Interior, the police services and the fire safety services were separated into independent directorates - the Regional Police Directorate and the Regional Fire Safety and Population Protection Directorate were established. With amendments to the law on the Ministry of Interior, the Regional Police Directorate and the Regional Directorate "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population" are reunified in the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.
   Today ODMVR - Smolyan serves the territory of the Smolyan Region, which is about 3 - 231,8 sq. Km. And is administratively divided into 10 municipalities.


Regional Directorates of Ministry of Interior

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