ОД Видин


Пътна полиция

Заповед № 368з-1177

Издаване на СУМПС

Ред за издаване на СУМПС (.doc)



Зачисляване (.doc)

Издаване на временни номера (.doc)

Издаване на дубликат на СРМПС (.doc)

Издаване на транзитна регистрация (.doc)

Издаване на удостоверения (.doc)

Прекратяване на регистрация (,doc)

продуктова такса (.doc)

Промяна на собственост на регистрирани във Видин (.doc)

Промяна номер (.doc)

Първоначална регистрация на ново МПС (.doc)

Регистрация на МПС от друга държава членка (.doc)

Регистрация на ППС внос извън ЕС (.doc)

Рубрика (.doc)

Спиране и пускане от движение (.doc)



Заплащане глоби по НП и други (.doc)

Отнемане на контролни точки и загуба на правоспособност (.doc)

Съставяне и връчване на АУАН (.doc)

Administrative services

229 Issuing of duplicate of driving license control coupon

230 Issuing of temporary registration plates to persons, which are merchants

393 Termination of vehicle registration upon written application of owner

448 Issuing of driving license

454 Recovery of vehicle identification number

859 Issuing of certificate with data on registered vehicles and vehicles with terminated registration

863 Issuing of international driving license

1204 Issuing of duplicate of driving license

1239 Initial Registration of vehicle

1300 Issuing of summarized references about the number of vehicles

1301 Issuing of transit registration number of vehicle

1524 Temporary taking off road of vehicle on wish of the owner

1528 Issuing of certifying documents for occured accidents, and other, and for provision of information about carried out activity

1770 Issuing a duplicate of a vehicle registration certificate

1776 Mounting registration plates on another MoI territory

2152 Preparing written statements on projects related to road traffic organization

2215 Coordination of permit for transport of oversized cargo

2290 Authorization to conduct additional training for drivers

2460 Issuing of certificates on rights and penalties, imposed on drivers 

2676 Providing vehicle registration number with letter and digit combination at choice

2677 Change in the registration

2678 Issuing of control counterfoil driver with no penalties

2679 Recovery of terminated vehicle registration

2680 Putting in motion a temporarily suspended vehicle

2681 Replacing a driving license

2682 Replacing a foreign driving license with a Bulgarian one

2683 Providing a third registration plate