GD National Police

Deputy Director

Senior Commissioner Todor Grebenarov

Заместник-директор Гребенаров

As Deputy Director, Senior Commissioner Todor Grebenarov, has been assigned, by Order of the Director of National Police General Directorate, the functions of management and control of the activities of the following structures within the Directorate:

1. Gendarmerie Directorate

2. Public Order and Security Police Department

3. Traffic Police Department

                                            4.  Criminal Police Department

Visiting hours:

Every second Wednesday of the month, from 14.00 to 16.00 hrs.

Todor Grebenarov was born on 2 June 1963 in the town of Karlovo.


Graduated from the National Military University “Vassil Levski” in Veliko Tarnovo.

Completed a series of professional trainings, national and international seminars, courses and practical trainings, among which: 

-         Initial professional training course at MoI Academy,  1995

-         Qualification improvement course at  the  Centre for specialization and manager training with MoI Academy,  2003

-         Course in Spain entitled “Working meeting of police intervention units”, 2004

-         Course in Greece on topics related to countering terrorism, 2013

-         Four trainings in Germany in 2005 and 2006, among which on the topics “Leadership management” and “Criminal and community prevention”

-         Staff training in Berlin, Germany in 2010

-         National seminars and trainings on topics related to the protection of public order during sports events, 2005 and 2008

Professional career:

Mr. Grebenarov started his professional development within the structures of the Ministry of Interior in 1995, as Police inspector I degree in Public Order and Security Police section at Plovdiv Regional MoI Directorate. Consecutively he occupied the positions of Police commander, Head of the Mounted Police and Service Dog Handlers section, Head of Public Order section.

In 2004 he was appointed Head of division “Security Police and Traffic Control”, and in 2006 became Head of Public Order and Prevention department with Plovdiv Regional MoI Directorate, and was awarded category B, Commissioner.

In May 2010 he was appointed Head of Security Police department with Plovdiv Regional MoI Directorate

By order of the Minister of Interior, on 15 August 2013 he was promoted to Director I degree of Plovdiv Regional MoI Directorate.

By Minister’s order, on 25 November 2013 he was commissioned Director of National Police General Directorate and awarded category A, Chief Commissioner. 

On 26 February 2015, by order of the Minister, he was appointed Deputy Director of National Police General Directorate.



For high professional results dirung his service with MoI, Mr. Gebenarov has been awarded 10 times with Announcement of Gratitude, and twice with Written Commendation. Awards received by him include MoI badge of Honor – third, second and first degree, respectively in the years 2006, 2010 and 2011.

In 2007 he was decorated with the Justice, Freedom and Security Medal, and in 2008 – awarded the prize “Police Officer of the Year” for high professional accomplishments.

In 2009 he received the MoI honorary decoration “Valor and Merit”, third degree and in 2017  the MoI honorary decoration “Valor and Merit”, second degree.

Awarded with a firearm in 2012.

In 2019 he received the MoI honorary decoration “Valor and Merit”, first degree.


Regional Directorates of Ministry of Interior

Other Ministry structures
  • Metropolitan Directorate of Interior
  • Traffic Police
  • Blagoevgrad
  • Burgas
  • Varna
  • Veliko Tarnovo
  • Vidin
  • Vratsa
  • Gabrovo
  • Dobrich
  • Kardzhali
  • Kyustendil
  • Lovech
  • Montana
  • Pazardzhik
  • Pernik
  • Pleven
  • Plovdiv
  • Razgrad
  • Ruse
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  • Sliven
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  • Sofia
  • Stara Zagora
  • Targovishte
  • Haskovo
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  • Yambol