Chief Directorate "Border Police"

Chief Directorate "Border Police"

Director: Chief Commissioner Zaharin Penov
E-mail: [email protected]

Pursuant to the Law on the Ministry of Interior the Chief Directorate "Border Police" (CDBP) is a specialized guarding, operational and search police service of the Ministry of Interior for guarding state borders and controlling compliance with the border regime. It operates within the border area, the area of the border checkpoints, the international airports and seaports, internal seawaters, territorial sea, adjacent zone, continental shelf, the Bulgarian part of the Danube River and the other border rivers and water basins.

For the prevention, detection and investigation of crimes related to illegal migration and trafficking in human beings, the bodies of Chief Directorate "Border Police" can perform tasks outside of the above mentioned areas as well.

In implementation of its duties the Chief Directorate "Border Police"
- guards the state border and other zones
- detects and apprehends state border violators, wanted persons and vehicles and hands them over to the competent authorities; prevents crossing of border check points by persons without permission to enter the state
- independently or jointly with other state authorities prevents, detects and participates in the investigation of crimes and other violations
- carries out checks for weapons, explosives and other hazardous materials of persons and vehicles crossing the state border as well as of flights of the civil aviation
- collects, processes, uses and stores information on violations of the state border and the border regime of the country, which is related to the national security of other state authorities
- studies and analyses the reasons and the conditions for committing violations of the state border and proposes measures for their counteraction
- sets and maintains the border signs, designates the border line of the state border and does not allow for their destruction, movement or other actions that can affect the territorial integrity of the Republic of Bulgaria
- admits and hands over violators of the entry and residence regime from/ to other countries in compliance with the law and the international treaties, to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party
- exercises control on the compliance by Bulgarian and foreign ships and vessels of the order for sailing and residence in the territorial sea, internal waters and the Bulgarian part of the Danube River
- jointly with other state authorities NBPS is involved in maintaining public order, protecting the rights and the freedoms of citizens, preserving their property in the border area, the area of the border checkpoints, international airports and seaports
- informs the local administrative bodies about the measures it takes in case of complicated situation at the border regions and co-ordinates joint actions in the interest of the security of the state border
- independently and jointly with the Bulgarian Army, NBPS counteracts armed and other provocations at the state border
- assists the specialized state bodies in the implementation of the legal framework regulating the preservation of the environment, life and health of the population in the border regions
- pursues cooperation in the implementation of its tasks with the border guard services of other countries
- carries out surveillance of the state border
- elaborates large-scale maps and documentation of the state border, creates and maintains a geodesic and map data base


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